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North Davidson (NoDa)

Why you'd want to live in North Davidson (NoDa)

NoDa Art District, Charlotte, NC - It takes a lot of personality to build a place like North Davison and the residents of this eclectic part of town, lovingly nicknamed “NoDa” by Charlotteans, have plenty to spare. Charlotte’s Historic Arts District is a charming explosion of culture. From its hodgepodge of colorfully-painted brick front shops to its buzzing night life, NoDa is a niche worth knowing. Located two miles north of uptown, NoDa was once a center for textile manufacturing, flourishing with economic prosperity. When the last mill was closed in 1975, though, the neighborhood took a turn for the lonely, forgotten by most locals who had now turned to banking as Charlotte’s new triumph. However, it was only a few years before artists started to take over the remote suburb, bringing with them a creativity and a passion that morphed NoDa into what it is today: Charlotte’s thriving art community. Still, though there are galleries to spare in this neighborhood, most locals know NoDa for its unconventional artisans. Whether its croissants or couture, residents add a distinct flair to their businesses that makes them both unforgettable and irreplaceable. Want to grab a beer with friends? Sure, you’ll find a domestic beer on tap in this part of town, but places like Birdsong Brewery and NoDa Brewing Company have their own style. Popular for their craft beer selections, these beverage bottlers are known throughout the city for kicking big name beers to curb. Amelie’s, too, has a popular pull. This 24-hour French bakery caters to a steady flow of sweet-toothed townspeople. After a late concert at one of the Neighborhood Theater’s sporadic free music nights, locals line up for this bakery’s tarts, éclairs, and chocolate cakes. From there, the list just goes on and on. This junction at North Davidson and 36th Street has earned a big name for such a small street, pampering Charlotte with its playfully unique additions to urban life. via Coulture.org

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